by Benickerson

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///Verse 1///
Rainy days dont go away
but you'll live to fall another day

Watch below to find the road
have the strength to float back home

Stay calm, exhale
Somebody's out there

Wait up for me
What a likely story

Astrological physics have nothing on me
There's need for concern just count 1 2 3
There's something above the clouds I'm sure that you'll find
If nothing else it might just bring a little piece of absent mind

Have fun?
I guess
You guess
That's right

Well did you have fun or not?
It's as simple a question as asking do you like to go to bed at night

Well, sure, I mean, if you say so

///Verse 2
Suddenly I saw a sign
but when i stopped to look i was left behind
we're told that time is all we have
but then why on earth don't i feel more glad?




Falling to pieces, I'm falling to pieces, I'm falling to pieces
but you would never know

I'm lying to myself every day
I gotta do what I gotta to do make it out okay

at the end of it all
the rain will still fall
but why does it matter anyways?

Falling to pieces, I'm falling to pieces
I'm falling to pieces, but I would never stop to tell myself


released July 12, 2016




Benickerson Coldbrook, Nova Scotia

Sometimes I do things and I put them on the internet.

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