Sounds Like That Video Game Music

by BenickerSongs

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A compilation of songs created between 2014 and 2016 that document a story of adventure, fortitude, and lots of beeping sounds.


released May 16, 2016




Benickerson Coldbrook, Nova Scotia

Sometimes I do things and I put them on the internet.

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Track Name: Press Start
A whole new world lies outside your door
Don't miss your chance to explore

[Verse 1]
Step outside see the big blue new world
Let your journey begin to unfurl

Don't miss your chance, take a step outside
You've gotta open your eyes

You never know what could be waiting,
don't you realize?

You'll never know what lies in wait
Until you take a step and find your fate

A world of evil, new tides, and more
Never forget what you're fighting for

This is it, time to prove you exist
There's a universe you don't wanna miss

Action and a twist of fate
You've gotta fight for your chance to celebrate

A new adventure begins today
Don't hesitate press start to play

Verse 2

Go. Aim high. You gotta reach for the sky
You won't succeed, until you try

This is your chance, don't you forget now
You gotta show them how,
there's only one kind of ending you will not allow

[Verse 3]
Jump. Go Far
Discover who you are
Reach up for the brightest star

Don't give up now
There's the finish line
You've gotta give it time
Become the kind of hero you seldom can find.

New adventure begins today
Tell me why are you waiting press start to play.



Don't give up
It's not over yet
It's not game over

Don't stop fighting
You have a long way to go
Until you are a hero

Track Name: Heart Pieces
I'll search far and wide
Traverse the earth, and it's inhabitants to find.

What lies
inside the locked door of your heart


Don't worry
it's all okay
Don't worry
that was yesterday
I'll find the pieces and begin anew
I'm not a hero but I'll be there for you

And after all that we've been through
it seems the sky is still bright blue

and even though the path is long
we'll fix the bad and right the wrong

Track Name: Bubble Popper
Bubble Popper

Ready Set Go
Awaken to say hello

You swear you can't jump that high
I laugh before I say goodbye

All these toys
but nothing can satisfy
Without you standing by my side
I don't know what I'd do tonight.


Standing there inside my heart
The ground attempts to pull apart

I know I tried my very best
But it's time we put this all to rest

If you can't see what happens now
I'll scream it out to hear aloud

If you and I were meant to be
We'd be rid of all uncertainty.

[Verse 2]
Here we are
In spite of all that you are
Give up now
Don't hate me, I tried my best.

To be the one
Who stands and fights
But no one guessed
it'd end tonight

That's how it goes
The story ends before you know that



The battle now is almost done
I only wish somebody won

You say you know what you did wrong
but you've already sang the exact same song

The difference lies in your desire to
To maintain the path I've grown to tire

Forgo your sense of self detest
Say goodbye, it's for the best


All these fact come to conclude
a decision of great magnitude

I know you like to call the shots
But take a look at what you've lost


The place I stayed holds me no more
so finally we can rest assured
I think it's time I let you know
I gave up a long time ago
Track Name: Open Skies
Stars are out above you and I
Rest assured they won't pass us by
Grab your coat and catch a kiss
I pray and hope it won't come to this

I lost you once but I found out why
in my warm blue scarf where I choose to hide
Take my hand, I'll find a way
to show the world that we're here to stay

If you don't let go
There's somethin' you should probably know.
I sure don't have the best of luck
But just try and make me wanna give up

And if someday
Our hearts turn another way
Hold on, dear friend
I promise we shall we meet again



All the stars have been turned down low
And the sky exists just to let you know
that I can't keep guessin' at where you've been
You've gotta give a reason if you wanna give in.

I cared too much and it spelled the end
Don't you worry cause it's all pretend
The hands of fate say that, “It's time to let go.”
Tell me something that I don't already know.

The journey was great, I don't mean to be shy
But it hurts too much to say goodbye
You can't let life just pass you by
You've gotta keep on looking for the open skies

Track Name: Continue...?
///Verse 1///

Ding. Ding a ling
Just turn your head and run

It's almost over
The story's only just begun.

See another day
Wash all my breath away

I tied up all of my loose ends
It's time to fly around the bend.

No, I haven't won
But then again, who has?

From here on out I'll prefer to stay
Away from all that jazz


Yes, I know what is at stake
It's a chance that I'll have to take
Looking back I can see just how
The steps I took led me here now

The time is now, reach for the top
I won't get tired, I cannot stop.

This level is tough but it's not game over
I think I found my four leaf clover


Leaves fall down, I used to wonder why
Reality is all in my mind
I'm stuck in a landslide and I'm not sure where
At least I know I'm happy there.

I could fly beneath an open sky
I wouldn't stop to even tell you why
Popping bubbles lies in the past
I sure hope this won't go by fast

///Verse 2///
Now the sun is set
The time has come, please don't forget
or regret it all, brace for a fall
What's left is all you can hope to get

I wish to see the end
I've come to find my greatest friends
In order to say, I've got my health
I had to learn to forgive myself

///Bridge 2///

If you give up now, it's all forgot
Don't you think that it's worth a shot?

Life is hard, that's just a fact
I gave it all to get back on track

If you lose the will to keep fighting on
you quit the game and move on to dawn

I'm not quite sure where to go from here
but now the coast is clear, I'm sure the checkpoint is quite near

I hope