Goodnight Tomorrow

by Benickersongs

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TheEarthSheep thumbnail
TheEarthSheep The inspiration from All Levels at Once is clear and worn on the sleeve, but this album is still very original and lives up to or in some respects even surpasses ALAO's work, delivering a sincere, and - dare I say - relatable experience. Definitely worth a listen, and I'll be listening to whatever comes after. Favorite track: Goodnight Tomorrow Pt. 2.
Aaron thumbnail
Aaron Great variety in this album, every single track is a ton of fun to listen to.
There's clearly a lot of passion here, proven by thoughtful lyrics and well composed melodies. Awesome. Favorite track: Long Way to Go.
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Goodnight Tomorrow is a collection of musical expressions. It arcs a story experienced by a young boy attempting to understand what it means to be alive and how to enjoy it.


released July 11, 2017




Benickerson Coldbrook, Nova Scotia

Sometimes I do things and I put them on the internet.

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Track Name: Absentee
///Verse 1///
Rainy days don't go away
but you'll live to fall another day

Watch below to find the road
have the strength to float back home

Stay calm, exhale
Somebody's out there

Wait up for me
What a likely story

Astrological physics have nothing on me
There's need for concern just count 1 2 3
There's something above the clouds I'm sure that you'll find
If nothing else it might just bring a little piece of absent mind

Have fun?
I guess
You guess
That's right

Well did you have fun or not?
It's as simple a question as asking do you like to go to bed at night

Well, sure, I mean, if you say so

///Verse 2
Suddenly I saw a sign
but when i stopped to look i was left behind
we're told that time is all we have
but then why on earth don't i feel more glad?




Falling to pieces, I'm falling to pieces, I'm falling to pieces
but you would never know

I'm lying to myself every day
I gotta do what I gotta to do make it out okay

at the end of it all
the rain will still fall
but why does it matter anyways?

Falling to pieces, I'm falling to pieces
I'm falling to pieces, but I would never stop to tell myself
Track Name: Goodnight Tomorrow Pt. 1
On a day like today where nothing goes wrong
On a day like today the world is singing a song
Take a look inside yourself tell me what you can be
Nothin' really matters, nothin' matters to me

I'm tired
of the lies that I tell myself
I'm tired
Time to put the book back on the shelf

It's okay
It didn't really matter anyways
I'm here
The me you can find any time of year

But to rise through the ashes
and peer through the dark
is the only way i know
how to leave a mark

I can't say for sure
how long I'll last
But I'll rise to the future
and escape the past

I'm tired
of the lies that I tell myself
I'm tired
Time to put the book back on the shelf

Now, what comes after this?
When leaves fall off of a broken tree
I doubt they will be missed
Track Name: Goodnight Tomorrow Pt. 2
I'm not coming home
Please don't let me lose control
Track Name: Luftmensch
Crash land; there's dirt in my eye
Climb the ladder into the sky
Back again to who knows where
I'm safe and sound as long as I'm up there

I guess I'm not your average
Two plus two guy
I'd rather sit and watch
The sky pass me by

I'll tell a story in
The best way I can
With far more yelling
Than a step by step plan

And if you wanna look at me
From a far away country
Your satisfactions not guaranteed
I'll try my very best to take the lead

You've got a lot to do
Unless you wanna be the person who
Wakes up at the end of time
Regretting all the things you left behind

And you've got a lot to say
For a guy who's selling lemonade
Tell me when the bottle's dry
I'll let you know if you've lost your chance to try

If you found me sitting here
In the far away stratosphere
Rest assured I'm safe and sound
I promise soon I'll be homeward bound

I guess I'm not the one to solve a problem
When it comes to sleepy eyes I've got them
I'll spend the day wishing I was somewhere
And hope that maybe soon I'll find what I care for

Before I'm getting thrown out of the door

You never asked me what I wanted
I don't know if it'd matter if I got it
I've got a few ideas
But nothing concrete yet

I've got a message for the kids at home
you better make it known
I'm getting out of this place

And when I fall from this cloud so high
You'll have to say goodbye
Before I miss my chance to fly

There's so much more to life than just what you see
I guess you bring a softer side out of me
What is it that you want so badly?
I don't believe you're being all you could be
Track Name: Long Way to Go

The places I left
So far below
I promise they're all I need
To reach the places that I'd like to call my home


I'm stronger than you think
I'm stronger than I'd tell you so
And all the things I hated left
A very long time ago

Take a deep breath cuz'


I've got a long way to go
The places I left behind
Have faded so far below

My frame of mind
That's all I need
To reach the places
That I wanna be

And all that's left
is sticking to what I know
I've got a long way to go


Please don't ask me why
The days are flying by
I guess we're all trapped in fast fall
As we scale the open sky

You looked to me and said:
"What if you wind up dead?"
The time feels right to reach new heights
Before I go to bed


Being happy's not relateable
And that's the saddest thing of all

So find the courage you need
To show the world what you mean
I can't recall the last time I
Cared enough to say you're wrong
Track Name: Home
I am home

Crash land
There's light in the sky
I've got a long way to go
Although the show is done
we found a way to float back home

I hope you can relate
Life's full of things to hate
I've been gone so long
The only hope I have is dawn

There's feelings deep inside
I've tried my best to hide
I'll sing as my disguise
Worst case scenario I guess I'll die

I am home
Take me home

I know I feel a heartbeat somewhere
Don't forget that you are not alone

I am home x4